AFT Guild, Local 1931: Call for Committee Members! (09/07/2023)

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Dear AFT Guild, Local 1931 Members,

We reach out today to invite you to become more active in your union by serving on one of our special committees, becoming a campus liaison, or serving as one of our delegates to the SD Labor Council! To get involved, please complete this quick form and we will get back to you ASAP!


We have four special committees that are eager for increased membership in order to move their advocacy work forward:

  • Social Justice
  • Reproductive Justice/Gender Equality
  • Part-Time Faculty
  • Immigrant Student Support

For further information about the mission and meeting times for each of these four committees see below: 

Social Justice

Mission Statement:

To address the issues of injustices experienced by our students, members of the community, and fellow union members. The committee is chaired by Pegah Motaleb, Professor of English at Mesa College.

The goal of this committee is to bring together AFT Guild members from all areas within our membership to help devise potential solutions as to how we can contribute our knowledge and expertise to bring peace to our communities.

This committee created and distributed the AFT Survey on Race as well as its findings report.


3rd Friday’s via Zoom and over email.

Reproductive Justice/Gender Advocacy

Mission Statement: 

The Gender Advocacy Group (G.A.G.) is a committee of action, and it began with passing our union’s “Reproductive Justice and Gender Equality” resolution. Some of the actions we took last year were to support our beautiful Trans community at LIPS and table for choice at our member campuses. Our purpose is to work together in solidarity for Womens’ and LGBTQIA+ persons with creative, intellectual, and fun activities. The committee is chaired by June Yang, Professor of Philosophy at Grossmont College.


There are no regular in person or scheduled meetings. We are on a group email in which we decide what to do in the coming month.

Part-Time Faculty Committee

Mission Statement:

  1. Identify issues and concerns facing part-time faculty for potential collective bargaining
  2. Organize and create awareness around part time advocacy campaigns tied to state budgetary or legislative issues that affect part-time faculty
  3. Develop awareness of larger state or nationwide part-time contingent issues
  4. Draw attention to needs resources and information for part-time faculty

The committee is chaired by Jessica Thompson, Part-Time Faculty Member at Cuyamaca, City, and MIraCosta Colleges.


The intent of the part-time committee is to meet monthly.

Immigrant Student Support

Mission Statement: 

In response to the current threats to our immigrant students and communities, as well as communities of color in general, AFT Guild 1931 has formed the AFT Committee to Support all students born in other countries, especially including immigrant students, and refugees. Some of the initial goals of the committee include:

  • Advocating for dedicated support structures from both the San Diego Community College and Grossmont Community College Districts for immigrant students and their families, and for establishing an overall welcoming campus climate;
  • Maintaining the website to provide accurate information and appropriate resources about immigrant rights, workshops and political events in the San Diego region, as well as resources on the history of immigration, and teaching materials for faculty;
  • Advocating for clear policies regarding local police not collaborating with ICE or the Border Patrol, as well as working with elected officials in the county and cities of San Diego;
  • Empowering students to know and practice their rights as well as to become politically engaged to advocate for political change;
  • Participating in a county coalition of organizations interested in supporting the immigrant communities in San Diego County;
  • Collaborating with our CFT statewide affiliates and the California Legislature to create a statewide plan to protect undocumented and immigrant students;
  • Developing a Rapid Response system to support immigrant students or community members who are confronted by ICE in or near our campus.


Monthly, in-person and on Zoom. The committee is chaired by Julio Soto, Professor of Sociology at Grossmont College.


  • Supported by our new campus coordinators
  • Responsible for communicating with 10-12 colleagues in their area to share information, encourage participation in union events, provide support and assist coordinators in creating trainings or events that build our campus community
  • Be a friendly face to welcome new colleagues
  • Build a culture of care on our campus


Delegates are the worker leaders that make up the  Labor Council’s ultimate decision making body. They attend monthly meetings (third Wednesday at 6pm at the Machinist’s Hall in Kearny Mesa) as representatives of their local unions. Voting on everything from the leadership of our Labor Council and our annual budget to the candidates and policies we endorse, they are the voice of workers in our “union of unions.”

Thank you for your consideration in joining one (or more) of our amazing committees!  To get involved, please complete this quick form!

In Solidarity,

Larissa Dorman-Cobb (she/her/hers)

AFT Guild, Local 1931
3737 Camino del Rio South, Suite 410
San Diego, CA 92108

  1. (619) 640-1155