AFT Guild Launches New “Get Active” Website

Dear AFT Guild Members,

Your AFT Guild, Local 1931 is happy to announce our new Get Active” site which is replacing our old paper and electronic newsletters with what we hope is a better format.  Included in this initial version is:

*A special “In Focus” essay by Professor Justin Akers Chacon, Faculty Challenge the Breakdown of Shared Governance in California Community Colleges.”  

This and every “In Focus” feature to follow includes a comments section where you can join the discussion on this issue.

*News from the World of Labor and Politics with features on Governor Newsom’s Education Budget, Lessons from the UTLA strike in Los Angeles, and local labor’s endorsement of the Green New Deal.

*AFT Committee pages on Adjunct Equity, Guided Pathways, Immigrant Student Rights, and Climate Justice.  

We hope that you find this new electronic soapbox interesting and useful and that it inspires you to Get Active.”


In Unity,


Jim Mahler, President

AFT Guild, Local 1931