AFT Guild “Get Active” Fall 2019 Edition

Dear AFT Guild Members,

The first Fall 2019 edition of AFT “Get Active” has just been released.  In this series of posts you will find:

*A special “In Focus” piece on the national wave of teacher activism and its broader implications:  “Teachers are Rising and Bringing Everyone up with Them” by Professor Justin Akers Chacon.
*AFT VP Jim Miller on the significance of Labor Day in 2019
*Glendale College Guild President Roger Bowerman on “Unions and Marketing: Commodity Fetishism and American Labor”
*More news on CFT suing the new online college, a new national poll showing broad discontent amongst educators, and potential tax measures coming in 2020 to fund education.

We hope you visit the site and “Get Active“!

In Unity,

Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931