AFT Election Recommendations-June 3rd Primary Election

Dear Colleagues,

Vote-by-mail ballots and sample ballot pamphlets have already begun arriving at voters’ homes leading up to the June 3rd primary election.

I want to call your attention to several important races that will be on this ballot:

1) San Diego County Board of Education-District 3: Alicia Muñoz

For voters in the central to southeastern section of the County, Alicia Muñoz will be on your ballot to fill a vacant seat on the County Board of Education.  Alicia is an AFT Executive Council member, and a faculty member and President of the Academic Senate at Cuyamaca College.  This is a critical race for us as the winner on June 3rd will win the seat.  (map of District 3)

2) San Diego County Board of Education-District 5: Rick Shea

For voters in the northwestern section of the County, Rick Shea will be on your ballot to fill a vacant seat on the County Board of Education.  Rick is a retired teacher, former union negotiator, and former assistant to the Superintendent of the County Office of Education.  This is also a critical race for us as the winner on June 3rd will win the seat.  (map of District 5)

3) Propositions B & C – YES (on both)

For voters who live within the City of San Diego boundaries, passage of Propositions B&C will approve the plan that rezones the Barrio Logan area to provide a buffer zone between the heavy industrial and chemical-use facilities and the rest of the neighborhood. That means no polluting companies or homes can locate in the buffer zone in the future.  This plan will cost no jobs and its passage will ensure the integrity of the community planning process.


4) San Diego Community College District: District A-Maria Senour and District E-Peter Zschiesche

Incumbents Maria Senour and Peter Zschiesche have always been friends of labor and public education advocates.  Their opponents have no educational experience or expertise.  With only two candidates in each of these races, the outcome of these two races won’t be decided until November, but if you live in District A or District E, please be sure to cast your ballot for Maria or Peter.


5) San Diego Unified School District-District B: Kevin Beiser

Kevin Beiser is also an incumbent seeking re-election who has always been on the right side of any issue dealing with children and education.  The outcome of this race also won’t be decided until November, but if you live in Kevin’s District please be sure to cast your vote on his behalf.  Kevin is a middle high school math teacher at Granger Junior High and previous “Teacher of the Year” recipient.


6) State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson

Tom Torlakson has been a champion of public education for children of all socio-economic backgrounds, and has fought hard against the heavily funded privatization special interests.  He has also assisted the CFT in their battle against the ACCJC.  Tom’s chief opponent is a well funded charter school/privatization advocate.


Below is a more exhaustive list of all state and local races that have been endorsed by the Labor Council.


Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of these candidates or measures.

In Unity,


Jim Mahler, President

AFT Guild, Local 1931

San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca

Community Colleges




Brothers and Sisters:

Ballots began arriving in the mail this week for the June Primary Election and we have important decisions to make when we vote that will impact our future.


In previous generations, working people stood together in their unions and at the ballot box and, together, we created the 40 hour work week, paid vacations, and good American wages.  Together, we elected leaders who stood up with us and fought for a strong middle class.  But now the middle class is being systematically dismantled by Wall Street bankers, CEOs, and the politicians who advance their proposals to outsource our jobs and give bigger tax breaks to themselves and their friends at our expense. 


Today, the only thing that stands in the way of the big business political agenda is what stood in the way in our grandparent’s generation:  working people standing together and voting for leaders who will fight along with us to preserve the American dream!


The candidates listed below have been carefully considered by union members across San Diego & Imperial Counties and these are the leaders we believe will stand together with us.  Many of these will be close races and your vote will make a difference!  If you vote by mail, please help elect these labor champions by filling out your ballot and mailing it in this week.



Number Position Title
41 (Statewide) YES Veterans Housing and Homeless Protection Bond Acto of 2014
42 (Statewide) YES Public Records.  Open Meetings.  State Reimbursement to Local Agencies
B (City of San Diego) YES Protect Children’s Health and the Environment
C (City of San Diego) YES Protect Children’s Health and the Environment



Seat District Candidate
Congress 49 Dave Peiser
Congress 50 James Kimber
Congress 51 Juan Vargas
Congress 52 Scott Peters
Governor Jerry Brown
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom
Attorney General Kamala Harris
Controller John Perez
Treasurer John Chiang
Secretary of State Alex Padilla
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
State Assembly 56 Eduardo Garcia
State Assembly 77 No Endorsement
State Assembly 78 Toni Atkins
State Assembly 79 Shirley Weber
State Assembly 80 Lorena Gonzalez
Board of Supervisors 5 Jim Wood
Assessor/Recorder/Clerk Susan Guinn
District Attorney Bob Brewer
County Board of Education 3 Alicia Munoz
County Board of Education 5 Rick Shea
San Diego Community College District A Maria Senour
San Diego Community College District C Peter Zschiesche
San Diego Community College District E Rich Grosch
San Diego Unified School District B Kevin Beiser
San Diego Unified School District C Michael McQuary
Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas
Chula Vista City Council 1 Steve Padilla
Chula Vista City Council 2 Pat Aguilar
San Diego City Council 2 Sarah Boot
San Diego City Council 4 Myrtle Cole
San Diego City Council 6 Carol Kim
San Diego City Council 8 David Alvarez
Imperial Valley Board of Supervisors 5 Ray Castillo
Imperial Valley Board of Supervisors 3 John Renison
Imperial County Superintendent of Schools Todd Finnell
Imperial County Public Administrator Joan Durham
Imperial County Assessor Robert Menvielle
Imperial County Superior Court Judge Seat 1 Veronica Henerson
Imperial County Superior Court Judge Seat 3 Ruth Montenegro


In Solidarity,


Richard Barrera


Secretary-Treasurer, San Diego Labor Council