AFT Computer Loan Winners – 2015

Monday, October 05, 2015 3:52 PM
Congratulations to all of our SDCCD AFT Computer Loan Winners!
We had 136 applicants and 84 lucky winners.  (With a 62% chance of winning, those are way better odds than winning the Lottery!)  
If your name is listed below, you will soon be receiving via District mail the paperwork you need to complete to initiate your loan.  If you have any questions, or do not receive your paperwork by October 12th, please contact Greg Dueñas at the AFT office, 619-640-1155.  (The deadline to submit your paperwork is November 5th.)
Congratulations to all!
1 Flordaliza (Liza) Abuyo DSC
2 Gabriel Adona Mesa College
3 Joy Alvarez DSC
4 Esther Anthony-Thomas Mid-City
5 Manuel A. Arellano DSC
6 Eva Arteaga District Office
7 Libbier (Libby) Bakit ECC
8 Gene Botticelli DSC
9 Janna Braun Mesa College
10 Willie Brown Mesa College
11 Eugene Brown City College
12 Erlinda (Lynda) Carter City College
13 Juan Ceja Miramar College
14 Peter Chittadara District Office
15 Jacqueline Clark City College
16 William Clary Jr. Mesa College
17 Diana Contreras CE Mesa
18 Espen Correll Mesa College
19 June Cressy City College
20 Alan Day Jr. City College
21 Carlos De la Lama City College
22 Richard Fakhrai North City
23 Christian Fenton Miramar College
24 Theresa Francis City College
25 Alma Fuentes Mesa College
26 Herlinda (Linda) Galicia Cesar Chavez
27 Louis G. Gaona City College
28 Juan R. Garcia North City
29 Christopher George DSC
30 Eduardo Guerrero Jr. DSC
31 Berta Harris City College
32 Andrew Hoffman Mesa College
33 Marc Hollman Miramar College
34 Tina Hopkins Mesa College
35 Sahar A. King Mesa College
36 Neill Kovrig ECC
37 Roberta Krauss City College
38 Leanne Kunkee Mesa College
39 Tchaiko Kwayana Mesa College
40 Mary LeDuc Mid-City
41 Kimberly Lester Mesa College
42 Jose Lopez DSC
43 Jorge Lopez Mesa College
44 Oliver Mamangun City College
45 Maria (Carmen) Martinez ECC
46 Laura Mathis Mesa College
47 Francine McCorkell Miramar College
48 Shondell McGowan District Distribution Center
49 Ethan Michel ECC
50 Karmi Minor-Flores Mesa College
51 Lisa L. Munoz ECC
52 Robert Nations West City
53 Ruben Naungayan District Office
54 Julio Navarro District Office
55 Linda Ocen-Odoge City College
56 Alejandra Ochoa City College
57 Jennifer Osborne Mesa College
58 Arlene Oviedo City College
59 Judy Patacsil Miramar College
60 Awana Payne City College
61 Lonnie Pham Miramar College
62 Sontia (Tia) Pickens Miramar College
63 Deborah (Debbie) Powell Mesa College
64 Regino Reyes ECC
65 Cynthia Rico Mesa College
66 Matthew Ring City College
67 Kathleen Robb CE Mesa
68 Eric C. Robledo Cesar Chavez
69 Jose Ruvalcaba City College
70 Lori Saldana West City
71 Kayhan Salehi Miramar College
72 Ananda Spike Mesa College
73 Deon Sterling Mesa College
74 Ivan Toribio Mesa College
75 Natasha Tricoche City College
76 Debra (Debbie) Veasey District Office
77 Manuel Velez Mesa College
78 Diana Vera-Alba ECC
79 Carlota Vidrio Mesa College
80 Lynna Vo Miramar College
81 Terrel Walsh City College
82 Patricia Webb Mesa College
83 Clark Wilson District Office
84 Rudy Zamora City College