AFT 0% Interest Computer Loan Winners 2016

Jim Mahler

Congratulations to all of our SDCCD AFT Computer Loan Winners!

We had 137 applicants and 84 lucky winners. (With a 61% chance of winning, those are way better odds than winning the Lottery!)

If your name is listed below, you will soon be receiving via District mail the paperwork you need to complete to initiate your loan. If you have any questions, or do not receive your paperwork by October 12th, please contact Greg Dueñas at the AFT office, 619-640-1155. (The deadline to submit your paperwork is Friday, November 4th.)

1 Melanie Alca Mesa College
2 Anthony Alfuente Miramar College
3 Ronald Allen Cesar Chavez
4 Jennifer Andrews Miramar College
5 James Jr. Arthur Mesa College
6 Roberto Barnet Miramar College
7 Amy Bettinger Mesa College
8 Francisco Blas City College
9 Regina Blas District Office
10 Kevin Branson Mesa College
11 Gloria Carranza Miramar College
12 Rosa Castillo West City Center
13 Lily Cava Miramar College
14 Richard Chagnon Mesa College
15 Michael Cheshire District Service Center
16 Melanie Cordero Miramar College
17 Elizabeth Daugherty Miramar College
18 Susan Dawe Miramar College
19 Edgar De Los Reyes Miramar College
20 Greg Duenas AFT Office
21 Jerry Dunham City College
22 Shaunna Elmone Miramar College
23 Herlinda (Linda) Galicia Cesar Chavez
24 Daniel Galvez Miramar College
25 Fred Garces Miramar College
26 Iramarie (Ira) Garcia City College
27 Elena Garduno City College
28 Alma Godinez Mesa College
29 Lydia Gonzales City College
30 Armando Gonzalez Miramar College
31 Aileen Gum City College
32 Marlene Hadge ECC
33 Kris Hall-Patterson ECC
34 Julian Hernandez District Office
35 Lucila Hernandez West City Center
36 Tanya Howe Cesar Chavez
37 Helena Hubbard Mesa College
38 Terry Hubbard Miramar College
39 Donna Jacobs City College
40 Michael J. Johnson ECC
41 Knute Knudtson District Service Center
42 Roman Koenig City College
43 Deborah (Debbie) Lewis Miramar College
44 Dulce Lopez Mesa College
45 Maria Macias North City Center
46 Emilia Manalastas Miramar College
47 Carol Marlow Mid-City Center
48 Hector Martinez City College
49 Irene Mello City College
50 Jacqueline Mendez District Office
51 John Mercurio City College
52 Roseana Monsen City College
53 Minerva Nabalarua District Office
54 Kathleen M. Nelson Miramar College
55 Valri Nesbit Miramar College
56 William Olmstead North City Center
57 Vanessa Ortega Mesa College
58 Bill Pacheco Miramar College
59 Yvette Page West City Center
60 Michelle Pasag District Office
61 Desiree Payne District Office
62 Mela Del Sol Pettis ECC
63 Olivia Picolla Mesa College
64 Sanita (Lita) Pineda Miramar College
65 Crystal Quezada West City Center
66 Desiree Redulla Mesa College
67 Jennifer Roachford Mesa College
68 Zadie Rodriques District Office
69 Wayneshia (Nesha) Savage City College
70 Tina Solorzano Fletcher AFT Office
71 Margie Spikes City College
72 Rakena Sterling Miramar College
73 Brenda Sturkey ECC
74 Susan Suarez Mid-City Center
75 Alfredo Tamonte District Service Center
76 Andrew Tanjuaquio District Office
77 Adrian Tanjuaquio Miramar College
78 Brian Tolentino District Office
79 George Tubon City College
80 Cecilia Valdez City College
81 Micah Walker District Service Center
82 Jessica White Magellan City College
83 Daniel Williams Mid-City Center
84 Dustin Wood Miramar College