Action Alert: NO on HR 610!

Dear Colleagues,

We knew the threats to public education were real, and now we know just how real they are in the form of HR 610, also known as the “Choices in Education” Act. This house bill is a false choice for our public education system.

I am writing to ask you to contact and urge Representative Scott H. Peters to oppose HR 610 by calling his office at (202) 225-0508.

HR 610 would:

  • Slash federal funding for public schools.
  • Require vouchers in all states including California to receive federal funds,
  • Remove protections for children with disabilities and those who come from economically disadvantaged families, and
  • Repeal nutritional standards for school meals such as the requirement to increase the availability of fruits and vegetables

HR 610 reflects Secretary Devos’s agenda, ignoring evidence as to what actually works in public education. This administration is trying to promote privatization and allowing corporations to make a profit at the expense of students, families, and the common good. We must stop this bill and any others like it, if we are to retain a fair, free and equitable public education system that benefits all.

Remember to to tell your Congressperson to OPPOSE vouchers, to OPPOSE the elimination of rights for our students, to OPPOSE reducing the nutritional standards of our school meals, and to OPPOSE HR 610.


Joshua Pechthalt
President, CFT