4/28 Unemployment Insurance update (04/29/2020)

Dear Colleagues,
Please forward this information to any friends or family members who may fall into this group.  If you are still working for the District, you likely will not qualify until your District assignment ends.
In Unity,

Subject: 4/28 Unemployment Insurance update

Date: April 28, 2020 at 5:16:44 PM PDT

To: Zev Kvitky <zkvitky@cft.org>

Cc: Erin Conley <econley@cft.org>


To everyone who participated in one of our recent unemployment webinars, I wanted to remind you that today is a significant day for anyone needing UI or PUA benefits.

EDD has now implemented all of the changes to their application process and is now accepting applications from people not traditionally eligible for UI benefits.  This includes those who have already exhausted UI benefits, and who were recently denied as a result.

Please follow the new Labor & Workforce Development link to an FAQ about Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for more details.  The new information they provided is extensive, and it’s also consistent with all of the information we provided in our previous webinars.

Please feel free to also use the materials from our Resource Drive about Unemployment Benefits that were made available after our webinars.

In Solidarity,

Zev Kvitky
Training Director
California Federation of Teachers
510-384-7645 cell
510-523-5238 work