2021 Black History Month – Calendar of Activities (2/09/2021)

Date: February 8, 2021 at 12:52:55 PM PST
To: Roberto Valadez <rvaladez@sdccd.edu>, Marciano Perez <mperez@sdccd.edu>

Hello Colleagues –

Attached is the 2021 Black History Month Calendar of Activities. We have a series of educational presentations that will take place on our virtual campus. We would like to personally thank all the faculty, classified professionals, and students who contributed to creating the events and activities calendar, and we look forward to honoring and celebrating Black Excellence.

The Office of Student Affairs created the two attached virtual backgrounds. Please feel free to upload them to your zoom profile.

Finally, a special thank you to Kim La Rue and Dan Velazquez for their artistic talent and expertise in creating this flyer and calendar of activities honoring Black Excellence.

Please visit the Black Excellence Resources website for updates.

We look forward to your participation and support of all these outstanding programs. Please share this calendar with your students and staff to maximize attendance.


Roberto Valadez, Dean of Equity          &         Marciano Perez, Jr., Dean of Student Affairs

Roberto C Valadez                                              Marciano Perez, Jr.
Dean of Student Equity                                        Dean of Student Affairs
Office of Student Equity A-222                            Student Affairs M 200
Office: 619-388-3525                                             Office: 619-388-349

2021 Black History Month – Calendar of Events