2016 SDCCD Faculty RAF Economic Settlement

Dear SDCCD Faculty Colleagues,
I am pleased to share with you the significant economic improvement we have negotiated for all faculty effective January 1, 2016.  Please click here to cast your ratification vote on this package.
•  Increase adjunct faculty salary schedules across the board by 8.0%.
•  Increase contract faculty salary schedules across the board by 5.0%.
•  Add one 2.75% step to bottom of Classes 2-6 of adjunct salary schedules.
•  Align CE adjunct faculty voc. ed. salary placement rules with college faculty.
•  Increase 17 partial CE contracts to 100%.
•  Increase college faculty Adjunct Office Hours funding pool which should increase the adjunct office hour compensation rate to closer to $25-$30/hour (dependent on the number of applicants).
•  7 additional ESUs to fund faculty working in the Art Gallery at City College.
•  Decrease Contract Faculty Counselor assigned weekly hours from 33 to 32 effective January, 2016.
•  Decrease assigned lab hours for 1.0 FTEF from 20 to 19 in spring 2016, and then from 19 to 18 effective fall 2016.  This will result in the FTEF calculation for a three hour lab class (for example) increasing from 0.150 FTEF to 0.158 FTEF in the spring, and then to 0.167 FTEF in the fall.
•  Increase in the number of 11-month contracts for college department chairs so that any chair or co-chair with 30% or more reassigned time will receive the 11-month contract.
•  Increase in AFT reassigned time by 3.0 FTEF
•  College faculty to be paid five (5) hours of non-classroom pay for each completing student enrolled in an Independent Study 290 course.
•  Increase stipends for CE Program Chairs and Assistant Program Chairs to more closely equal stipends for college faculty chairs.
•  Increase maximum entry level step placement to Step C for newly hired contract faculty.
Attached please find copies of the new salary schedules which will become effective January 1, 2016.  The current (soon to be old) salary schedules can be found here for comparison.
If you have questions or concerns regarding any part of this package please consider attending one of the following site liaison meetings we will be holding next week:
Tuesday, December 8th, 1:30pm – 2:30pm Wednesday, December 9th Thursday, December 10th
Room LRC 208 (Second floor *Library*) 1:00pm – 2:00pm  Room AH 509B     2:15-3:15pm  Room H-117/118
Miramar College City College     Mesa College
In addition, I will be holding open office hours at the AFT office on Friday, December 11th, from 11:00am – 5:00pm.  Please call 619-640-1155 to schedule an appointment if you would like to meet with me.
Pending ratification, this new salary increase will be reflected in your January 31st/February 10th, 2016 paycheck(s).
Please click here to cast your ratification vote on this package.   The voting will close at 5:00pm next Friday, December 11th.  Your AFT Guild Executive Council strongly urges your “YES” vote on this package.
I wish you and your families a restful holiday season!
In Unity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931

San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca

Community Colleges