AFT Guild “Get Active” November 2019 Edition (2019/11/05)

Dear Colleagues,

The second fall issue of Get Active is now posted.  In this series of posts you will find:

*An “In Focus” feature by our AFT Guild Committee to Support Immigrant Students Chair, Enrique Davalos, “The Border: Repression Against Migrant Peoples and How to Defend the Community and Our Students”

The “News” section includes four new pieces:

  •   “Middle Class Racism” by John Russo from Portside Labor
  •   CFT Legislative Report
  •   “Much Needed Proposition 13 Reform is on the Way with Schools and Communities First” by AFT Political Action VP Jim Miller
  • * “American Inequality is Still Surging Along, Now Is the Time to Finally Address It” also by Jim Miller

We hope you visit the site and “Get Active“!

In Unity,

Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931