Non-Profit/Government Assistance Programs

Cal Fresh: Assistance via Feeding San Diego Assistance

CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps and nationally known as SNAP) is a nutrition assistance program designed to help families and low-income individuals purchase healthy foods. Eligible clients can receive an EBT card (similar to a debit card) that can be used to purchase food at the grocery store and participating farmer’s markets. Feeding San Diego provides one-on-one assistance to people to apply for the CalFresh program.

You can call 858.863.6635 or e-mail and a member of the CalFresh team will pre-screen you over the phone and get you started on the application process.

Feeding San Diego has other resources that you might find helpful. You can find at more at:

Section 8 Housing

What is it? Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is a federally funded and locally administered program that may help pay the rent for low-income families. This is a program that has a long waiting list, where some have waited years (even up to 10 years) to get assistance. If you are interested in this program it is best to apply now so that you can be placed on the waiting list.

Utility Bill Assistance

CARE and FERA are two programs offered through SDGE that can provide you with a monthly discount on your bill. You can complete the application for these programs directly with SDGE website. Below is information about each program and the website to apply.

  • California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) –  Offers a 30% or more monthly bill discount.  Qualification is based on participation in certain public assistance programs or by income guidelines.
  • Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) –  If you’re not eligible for CARE, you may qualify for an  18% monthly bill discount through FERA.   FERA is only open to households with three or more people.  Qualification is based on income guidelines.

To apply, visit: