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Biden’s Moment of Truth Is Already Here and Our Future Lies in the Balance

The honeymoon was over quickly for the Biden administration. Republicans are drawing battle lines with Senators like Roy Blunt calling his relief package a “nonstarter” as minority leader McConnell and others disingenuously whine about a lack of “bipartisanship” coming from the Democratic side. This only weeks after an attempted coup. As the Washington Post reported, [...]

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Union Workers Saw Less Job Loss in 2020 Pandemic Year

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) documents that while unionization rates have continued to decline, “union workers have seen less job loss than non-union workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.” As the EPI analysis outlines: “Where workers have been able to act collectively and bargain through their union, they have been able to [...]

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Help is On the Way: How the Biden Administration Will Help Higher Education While Increasing Economic Opportunity and Lessening Inequality

After four years of neglect and/or outright hostility toward American higher education, the Biden Administration promises to reverse this trend by delivering a surge of aid to American colleges and universities hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis.  Billions of dollars of aid have been included in the $1.9 trillion relief package [...]

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The News on the California Education Budget is Good . . . For Now

Last spring, the forecast for the California budget was gloomy to apocalyptic.  With the pandemic raging seemingly endlessly, state budgets crumbling in the face of the crisis, and no significant help on the way from the Federal government for states and municipalities, there was little reason for hope.  Indeed, with the Republicans actively arguing against [...]

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California Democrats Need to Do the Right Thing, Call a Special Session on Revenue, and Tax the Über Rich to Avoid Catastrophic Cuts to Education and Vital Social Services

The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent economic collapse along with the national uprising against police brutality and systemic racism have cast a glaring light on the nature of American inequality on the healthcare, criminal justice, and economic fronts.  It has never been clearer that as most Americans struggle, the elite thrive.  As a Forbes piece put [...]

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