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Why AFT 1931 Supports Vaccine Mandates

AFT 1931 supports vaccine mandates in our Districts for several key reasons.  The first and most important is that vaccines have proven to be extremely important in preventing the spread of Covid-19, severe illness, and death.  This is the overwhelming scientific consensus over which there is no serious debate.  If we are ever going to [...]

Transitioning to Onsite Work: What’s the Bottom Line?

As we begin to come back to our worksites with an eye toward returning to something more like the normal operations of our campuses, the first concern for most of us is safety.  Thus, vaccine mandates, masking requirements, proper ventilation, and spacing along with other safety protocols are essential.  Anything that falls short of this [...]

Legislation and Negotiations Updates

The Signing of AB 438 was a Victory for Classified Employees This bill provides equity in lay-off notice for classified employees. Importantly it provides permanent classified school employees and those who become permanent classified school employees with the same rights to notice and hearing with respect to layoffs as are provided to certificated employees of [...]

In Brief: A Wave of Labor Activism and Strikes is Sweeping Across America

Striketober Sees Over 100,000 Workers Prepare to Strike “After a year of mass quitting spurred by overwork and burnout, over 100,000 U.S. workers have authorized their unions to go on strike. The strikes range from the food industry to Hollywood to K-12 education and academia. There’s even a subreddit following the news about “Striketober” and shared resources for workers to use in considering their own strikes. [...]

The Covid-19 Roller Coaster and the Return to On-Site Work

It’s been a difficult, stressful period for most of us dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic for more than a year now.  We’ve learned new skills, done emergency professional development to address our dramatically transformed work landscapes, tried to be there for students experiencing difficulties, and watched as the chaotic events of the last couple of [...]

Key California Budget and Legislative Updates

After months of foreboding that the California state budget would be a nightmare filled with cuts for our schools and colleges due to revenue loss during the pandemic, things turned around quite dramatically.  Unforeseen revenue came in as a result of Proposition 30/55 taxes on the wealthy who did extraordinarily well during the pandemic, while, [...]

Union Workers Saw Less Job Loss in 2020 Pandemic Year

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) documents that while unionization rates have continued to decline, “union workers have seen less job loss than non-union workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.” As the EPI analysis outlines: “Where workers have been able to act collectively and bargain through their union, they have been able to [...]

Help is On the Way: How the Biden Administration Will Help Higher Education While Increasing Economic Opportunity and Lessening Inequality

After four years of neglect and/or outright hostility toward American higher education, the Biden Administration promises to reverse this trend by delivering a surge of aid to American colleges and universities hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis.  Billions of dollars of aid have been included in the $1.9 trillion relief package [...]

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