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Vote NO on the Recall of Governor Newsom

by Marty Hittelman, Former CFT President Well friends, there is another big election coming up and we need to get the vote out to vote NO on the recall. As you probably know, the recall election was a result of signature gathering by a group of racist, anti-vaccination, anti-mask, anti-social services national big money Republicans. The [...]

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The Covid-19 Roller Coaster and the Return to On-Site Work

It’s been a difficult, stressful period for most of us dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic for more than a year now.  We’ve learned new skills, done emergency professional development to address our dramatically transformed work landscapes, tried to be there for students experiencing difficulties, and watched as the chaotic events of the last couple of [...]

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Key California Budget and Legislative Updates

After months of foreboding that the California state budget would be a nightmare filled with cuts for our schools and colleges due to revenue loss during the pandemic, things turned around quite dramatically.  Unforeseen revenue came in as a result of Proposition 30/55 taxes on the wealthy who did extraordinarily well during the pandemic, while, [...]

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