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Why Do We Pay Dues? SDCCD Trustee and GCCCD AFT Member Craig Milgrim Has One Answer.

May 11, 2020

At present we are in the midst of the most profound health and economic crisis of our lifetimes. What good can the union do for us in times like these? A lot.

As Grossmont College Professor, AFT member, and San Diego Community College District Trustee Craig Milgrim observed recently, union benefits that you may take for granted just might be invaluable:

As we continue through these uncertain times, it’s a good time to consider all we have to be thankful for as members of AFT Local 1931. For me, the past decade saw several health challenges. Each was significant and, in some cases, life-threatening. Through them all, the one thing I never had to worry about was the cost. From onset through full recovery, my AFT negotiated health benefits covered virtually all the costs. You may find this hard to believe and even a bit surreal, but as I was experiencing my last health challenge, being mowed down by a car while biking, the first thing that came to mind as I lay on the pavement was, “At least I have great health insurance!”.

It is easy to think of our union is all about dues and when the salary increase will be. For me, though, its about the comprehensive health care, accrued sick days, and unflinching assurance that all members will be treated as consummate professionals.

Stay strong, stay united, together we will continue to change the world.

Of course, we all hope we never need to use our benefits because of a catastrophe, but it helps to know that the union is there to keep us strong and healthy.


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