Mission Statement for the AFT Local 1931 Immigrant Student Support Committee


Our immigrant and refugee students and communities, and people of color in general, face the threat of discrimination, arrest, detention, and deportation. For this reason, the AFT Guild 1931 has formed the AFT ISSC Committee to protect and support our students who are disproportionately affected by unfair treatment by police and immigration enforcement agencies.

The goals of the committee include the following:


  • Advocate for dedicated and permanent structures of support from both the San Diego Community College and Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Districts for immigrant students and their families, and for establishing an overall welcoming campus climate;
  • Advocate for the reallocation of resources away from policing on campus and towards meeting student need;
  • Oppose local police collaboration with ICE and the Border Patrol, oppose the presence of ICE and Border Patrol on or around campuses;
  • Work with elected officials in the county and cities of San Diego to advocate for pro-immigrant policies, the procurement and allocation of resources, and other forms of support for immigrant populations and communities;
  • Empower students to know and practice their rights as well as to become politically engaged to advocate for political change;
  • Participate in a county coalition of organizations interested in supporting the immigrant communities in San Diego County;
  • Collaborate with our California Federation of Teachers statewide affiliates and the California Legislature to create a statewide plan to protect undocumented and immigrant students;
  • Develop a rapid response system to support immigrant students or community members who are confronted by ICE in or near our campus;
  • Encourage the district and the campuses to fully implement established policies to ensure support, equity, and to meet the needs of students through the allocation of resources;
  • And maintain a website to provide accurate information and appropriate resources about immigrant rights, policy advocacy, workshops and political events in the San Diego region; as well as include student publications, testimonials, survey data, research, and other pertinent information; as well as resources on the history of immigration, and teaching materials for faculty.