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WE NEED YOU! ...on the Bus on March 5th

Dear All District Staff, Faculty, Students, Family Members, and Friends of Education:

As you are hopefully well aware by now, on March 5th the California Federation of Teachers is launching the March for California's Future in order to draw public attention to three urgent ideas: 1) Restore the promise of public education, 2) A government and economy that works for all Californians, and 3) Fair taxes to fund California's Future.

In order to ensure a successful launch of the march, we are requesting as many of you as possible (and any warm bodies you can find) to give us just one day of your time and ride the kick-off bus with us from San Diego, to LA, to Bakersfield, and then back to San Diego on March 5th to start off the walkers on their 400 mile trek to Sacramento.

Here's how it will work:

1) Meet at City College no later than 6:30am on Friday, March 5th.
2) Park in lots 1, 2, or 3, no permit needed (see campus map:
3) Buses will pick us up near lot 1. (you will see the buses)
4) Yes, the buses have restrooms. They are luxurious charter buses.
5) We will have coffee, juice, and pastries for you in the morning.
6) We will feed you lunch in Bakersfield.
7) If it runs late, we will feed you dinner as well.
8) Bring some snacks for the bus. We will have water on board.
9) We will first meet for a rally in Los Angeles. From there we will assemble more participants for a caravan to Bakersfield where the 400 mile march will officially begin.

To ensure we have ordered enough buses, each rider must sign-up by clicking here:

Our goal is 200 riders. We already have close to 100. You don't want to miss this powerful and history making event!

If you are not happy with the way education funding has been cut in California, this is your chance to do something about it!

Don't delay, click here today!

"There's something about a march that is very powerful. It's a powerful weapon, a powerful organizing tool, and it has a powerful influence on those who participate."