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Step Up to the Challenge

Southern California Schools VEBA is pleased to announce the latest Health & Fitness Challenge in its series, Step Up to the Challenge.  How many flights of stairs can you walk in a day?  Try to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator for your routine activities — you will be surprised how good it can be for you.
What and When
Step up to the Challenge is designed to encourage participants to walk extra flights of stairs.  It can often just be a choice to use the stairs in lieu of the elevator throughout the day!  Adding a few more steps to your daily routine increases the amount of your physical activity and improves your overall health and well-being. The challenge will begin on September 28 and run through November 22, 2009.  Interested participants should register at under the Health & Fitness Challenge, Step Up to the Challenge section.  Once you have registered for Step Up to the Challenge, you will be prompted to download the Welcome Kit, which includes Pre- and Post-Tests as well as a Daily Stair Tracking form.
Here’s How the Program Works
Each week after the start of the program, you will receive an email giving you encouragement, activity suggestions, updates, and health information.
Then, based on the honor system, participants will use the Stair Tracking form to record the number of flights of stairs they climb each day. You get credit for both going up and down — you get to count each as a flight!  Participants need to reach their goal within the 8 weeks of the Challenge, according to the following levels:  (Note: One flight must have at least 10 steps.)
·       Beginner goal:  9 flights per day
·       Moderate goal:  13.5 flights per day
·       Advanced goal:  18 flights per day

·       Adaptive:  Swimming 1 lap = 1 flight of stairs

The program is designed to fit your lifestyle and health needs.  If you’d rather do another activity, contact us at or (619) 466-4386, and we’ll create an adapted program just for you.

Each participant will submit their weekly Stair Tracking forms to us so we can keep track of your progress toward the stairs goal.  At the end of each week, your completed Stair Tracking forms can be emailed to or faxed to (619) 260-9144.  Forms can also be mailed to VEBA Challenge, 8885 Rio San Diego Dr. Suite 327, San Diego, CA 92108. 

Free Gifts
In order to help you keep track of your daily flights of stairs, we will give a gift to the first 1500 participants whose Week 1 tracking form is received by October 9.  You can choose one of two items:
·        A Lap counter/stop watch with clock, compass, and safety release lanyard, which can be used to count your daily flights of stairs.
·       A Bead Counter that you can use to count your daily flights of stairs by sliding the beads down.  It can also be used as a key chain and by golfers as a stroke counter.
More information about the incentives will be included in your first weekly email.                                          


Personal Health Coaching*
If you are an employee covered under VEBA health insurance benefits, you are encouraged to complete the Health Status Survey, which is available online when you register.  If the results of the Health Status Survey indicate that you are eligible for Personal Health Coach Services, your information will be forwarded to a health coach who will contact you during the first couple weeks of the Challenge.  All health information will be kept strictly confidential.  If you would like more information, feel free to contact  or call 619-466-4386.

New Option!  Join us on Facebook
Stay Connected!  We have just launched our Facebook page.  Facebook can be a place to find workout buddies, find news on upcoming events,  and/or update us on your success stories!  Find our page under ‘Healthy Adventures Foundation’ in the search engine and become a fan!

The Reward*
Of course, feeling better and being fit is its own reward and you will have new-found friends to help support your healthy habits.  But in addition, if you are a VEBA member receiving medical benefits, you can collect points throughout the year towards the merchandise of your choice.  How do you earn points?  You will gain points every time you register for a Health and Fitness Challenge, complete a health assessment, reach certain Challenge goals,  and for a wide variety of other health-affirming activities.
Contact us at or (619) 466-4386, if you have any questions and get ready to … Step Up to the Challenge!
* NOTE: Health coaching and rewards are only available to those employees receiving health insurance benefits through VEBA.

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