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Tax Extension Deal is Dead

Dear Colleagues,
Unforuntanely, despite our best efforts to secure those four Republican votes needed to let the voters decide whether or not the taxes due to expire on June 30 should continue, Governor Brown has ended negotiations as a result of the Republicans' "ever-changing list of collateral demands."  (Read more here, see Brown's letter to Republicans here, see his YouTube message here.)

Consequently, we are now left with the choices of either more cuts, or the outside possibility of a November ballot initiative which could raise needed revenues via some type of oil severance tax or tax on the wealthy and coorporations.

While we regroup and plan our new strategy, I wanted to personally thank all of you who made those calls on a daily basis.  Although we were not ultimately successful, our voice was indeed heard.  Your continued activism is to be applauded!  We will also be evaluating your suggestions for other direct actions and we are already in the process of developing Plan B, so stay tuned to your dial...
Again, I can't thank all of you enough for making your best effort to secure the votes needed to get the tax extension measure on the ballot!  Your continued activism is what keeps us strong!

In Unity,