AFT Guild  

Re: Bargaining/Meet-and-Confer Units Assistance in the Budget Crisis

Dear Kim,

I realize Halloween is only two days away, but attempting to scare concessions out of the employees represented by AFT is simply not going to work.

Recall that at the District's insistence, we settled a three year Resource Allocation Formula which stands through 2011.  Until such time as that agreement expires, not one of the bargaining units in the District represented by AFT is under any obligation to meet and negotiate with the District regarding any economic issue.  Your attempt to force us into negotiations is not only contrary to the spirit of the RAF agreement, but, by attempting to frighten our members to force our hand, is illegal as well.

Please also be aware that the early retirement incentive being offered to contact faculty and office/technical staff is likely to result in far more takers than any layoffs the District would ever anticipate implementing.

Lastly, on what basis are you stating the District needs to cut an additional $8 million from its budget?  Can you back that number up with actual data, or are we just operating on "perceptions" and "best guesses"?

We perceive your attempts at using the State budget situation as a guise to force us to negotiate away elements of our collective bargaining agreement which were won after long, hard fought struggles, to be nothing more than a smokescreen to gain concessions you would not be able to normally win at the bargaining table.

Please cease and desist with all further direct communications with our membership regarding negotiable items.

Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931
San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca
Community Colleges
On Oct 29, 2009, at 1:47 PM, Kim Myers wrote:

DATE:    October 29, 2009
TO:         All District Faculty, Administrators, and Staff
FROM:    Kim Myers, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
RE:          Bargaining/Meet-and-Confer Units Assistance in the Budget Crisis
As you know from the Chancellor's most recent communications to you, the State budget crisis has gotten worse.  While we had a good plan in place and have made significant progress in reducing costs, the massive reduction in federal stimulus dollars to community colleges and a few other variables has suddenly plunged us into having to cut an additional $8,904,000 for 2010-2011 beyond our existing plan.  This budget reduction would require extensive layoffs if we were to do this, especially in the categorical programs that were the most directly affected by the new reduction.  As you know, we are trying to avoid this kind of impact at all costs.
However, to survive this latest impact, the Chancellor has indicated that we need the help of all bargaining and meet-and-confer units in addressing this new level of reduction.  We do not want to make top-down, unilateral decisions, as some districts are doing, and we are making an enormous effort to avoid layoffs.  We have therefore proposed the following to all of our bargaining groups and meet and confer units:

   80% from units =                   $7,123,200     
  20% from District operations =         $1,780,800 

We are taking this approach so that each unit can assess its options rather than have the District mandate a single set of options for everyone, and especially so that layoffs do not have to be on the agenda in the absence of reaching this target.  We are doing everything in our power to avoid that.
We hope to have our final plan in place by the end of this semester and we will keep everyone informed.  Chancellor Carroll, the Board of Trustees, and all of us are grateful for your patience and support as we deal with this extremely difficult budget situation.  This information is provided for your information. Thank you.