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Protest Corporate Tax Giveaways at a Chevron Station in Your Area

On Wednesday, June 17th, join workers and allies at Chevron gas stations across the state to protest recent budget deals that give away billions every year, permanently, to a handful of the world’s largest corporations, including Chevron.
So why is Chevron getting a massive state tax cut?
-- As part of the last budget deal, legislators included corporate tax breaks that will cost the state $9.6 billion over the next five years, including a tax giveaway just like the one that Chevron’s been lobbying to get for years.
-- To get those huge tax breaks, Chevron has six separate lobbying firms working for them in Sacramento. They racked up more than $6 million in lobbying bills in just five years. And that doesn’t include the $48 million they’ve on spent California campaign contributions since 2005.
-- All the corporate tax giveaways and high-powered lobbyists are paying off for Chevron. During just 3 months of 2008, Chevron raked in $7.9 billion in profits – more than doubling their profits from a year earlier.
Chevron’s abuse of corporate tax breaks is costing us all. Because Chevron’s not paying its fair share, we’ll have fewer teachers in our classrooms, fewer firefighters and police protecting our families, and almost a million more kids without health insurance.
With the state in fiscal crisis and Governor Schwarzenegger pushing for another round of catastrophic cuts to education, health care, public safety and other vital services, these unnecessary corporate tax giveaways could instead be used to help keep teachers in the classroom, public safety personnel on duty, infrastructure projects moving, and state parks open.
Tell Sacramento politicians that it’s time to put families first and close down corporate tax giveaways before they cut the programs we need, by attending a rally at a Chevron station in you area, and bring your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors!
Santa Rosa- Meet at 4:30pm at the Chevron station at Santa Rosa Ave and Baker St.
Contact: Lisa at or (707) 545-6970
Oakland- Meet at 4:30pm at the Chevron station at 17th & Castro (near Hwy 980).
Contact: Sharon at 632-4242 x223
San Francisco- Meet at 4:30pm at the Chevron station at 1501 Van Ness Ave.
Contact: Amber at or (415) 440-4809 x16
Santa Cruz- Meet at 5pm at the Chevron station at 805 Ocean St. (corner of Ocean St. and Soquel Ave.)
Contact: Glen at 831-840-5947 or
Salinas- Meet at 5pm at the Chevron station at 50 N Davis Rd (across from Office Max on N Davis Rd.)
Contact: Glen at 831-840-5947 or
Modesto- Meet at 4:45pm at the Chevron station at 1400 McHenry Ave. (corner of Orangeburg & McHenry).
Contact: Raelene at (209) 523-8079 or
Fresno- Meet at 5:30pm at the Chevron station at 1st St and Shaw Ave.
Contact: Dillon at or (559) 269-0165
San Diego- Meet at 4:30pm at the Chevron station at 2290 Camino del Rio North
Contact: Evan at or (619) 228-8101

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