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Dear Colleagues,
Hopefully you have been following the State budget discussions closely, as the outcome will directly affect all of us, perhaps catastrophically, if the Governor's tax extension proposal does not make it to the ballot for a vote in June.
Governor Brown's proposal to balance the State budget calls for $12 billion in cuts and $12 billion in tax extensions subject to voter approval in June.  This "best case" scenario will mean an additional $4.5 million in cuts in the GCCCD, $10 million in the SDCCD.
However, the problem the Governor now faces is that he needs two Republican votes from each the assembly and the senate to get the tax extension proposal on the June ballot.  Two votes he has not being successful in securing.
All five San Diego County Republican legislators have signed a pledge to not allow the voters to decide whether or not to approve the $12 billion tax extension.  They are holding all of us hostage by not allowing this measure to even appear on the ballot.
The $12 billion tax extension is simply an extension of current taxes due to expire on June 30, 2011.  There are no new taxes being proposed by the Governor.
If the tax extension is not allowed to be voted on, the results will be catastrophic, not just in our community college districts, but for all of public education and public services in general.  It's unconscionable that the Republicans, a clear minority of the legislature, will not allow the voters of California to decide this issue for themselves.
This is where you, your friends, and family members come in.  We need each of you to call the offices of the five Republican legislators.  Tell them:  "Please support the governor’s proposal to put the tax extension measure on the June ballot.  Californians should have the opportunity to vote on this."
You will be asked for your address.  Don't give it to them unless you actually live in that specific district (check here).  Simply say that you are a voter in San Diego County.  Here is their contact info:
Senator Joel Anderson
36th District
Phone: (916) 651-4036

Senator Mark Wyland
38th District
Phone: (916) 651-4038

Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher
75th District
Phone: (916) 319-2075

Assemblymember Brian Jones
77th District
Phone: (916) 319-2077

Assemblymember Martin Garrick
74th District
(916) 319-2074

If the Republicans don’t change their mind we will all suffer the consequences!  Please make these calls today!  Our future depends on it.

In Unity,