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Look How Easy it is to Help Us Secure Four Republican Votes! Please Call Today!

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From: "Kathy Robb" <>
Date: March 28, 2011 12:20:28 PM PDT
To: "Jim Mahler" <>
Subject: RE: Help Us Secure Four Republican completed

Hi Jim
The person that answered the phone was most polite and accomodating...after I stated my "cause", he asked for my name and city, which I gave. He thanked me for calling and said that he would ensure that this message would be given to Assemblyman Fletcher.  This was such an easy call to make...if you wish, you can forward on my experience!  I think if we all made this call, it would make a huge difference.
Most Sincerely,
Kathy Robb
P.S.  The call only took 1 minute or less!

From: AFT Guild, Local 1931 []
Sent: Fri 3/25/2011 9:20 AM
To: Jim Mahler
Subject: Help Us Secure Four Republican Votes
As the prospects for getting the four Republican votes needed to place the tax extension measure on the ballot grow dim, and thus the likelihood of our District revenue being reduced to unfathomable levels increases, we have two action options for you today:
Option 1:  Call Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher's office.  916-319-2075  Tell whoever answers:  "I urge the assemblymember to allow the voters to decide on whether or not our taxes should be extended.  He needs to vote to place this measure on the ballot."
Option 2:  We would like to hear from you regarding what other actions you feel your AFT leadership and fellow AFT members should be taking to secure the four Republican votes needed to place the tax extension on the ballot.  We are open to any and all creative ideas.  Submit yours by clicking here.
For extra credit, do both options 1 & 2!  To read more about where things currently stand with the State budget, click here.
Thanks in advance for your participation in either option!