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Bob Filner

Music By Gregory Page
Food and Drinks, Good Company, And A Good Cause!
This year we have a chance to elect a true leader in the City of San Diego by electing Bob Filner for Mayor 2012!

Bob Filner will be a Mayor for all of San Diego, not just for the privileged and powerful. Bob Filner will stand up for working men and women, create good paying jobs by expanding the Port, protect our environment with a forward thinking renewable energy policy, and address the needs of our military veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Bob Filner will put the needs of people first instead of the special interests who, for too long, have run San Diego like they owned it. This is our time - this is our chance to move San Diego in the right direction! With so much on the line, please come and help make San Diego a better place to live.

WHERE: Home of Jim, Kelly, and Walter Miller,
921 25th Street
(between Broadway and E in Golden Hill)

WHEN: Friday, February 24th, between 5-8 PM.

Come as you are, whenever you can stop by.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $100 (but pay whatever you can afford)
$500 (maximum, per person, per election)

Your support is appreciated!