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Can You Make a Call Today for Health Care Reform?


October 7th and 8th: 
National Health Care Call-In Days
Call your members of Congress toll-free 
(877) 264-4226
or Click to Call Sen. Feinstein
As health care negotiations continue to heat up, working families across the nation are reaching out to key members of Congress this week to make sure they recognize the widespread support and need for fair and comprehensive health care reform.
In California, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Jim Costa and Rep. Dennis Cardoza need to hear from you on the key tenets of health care reform - the public option, no taxes on our health care benefits, and a system to ensure that everyone, including employers, pay their fair share. These members of Congress have been hearing a lot from the opposition, and now it's time for us to make sure they understand how important and necessary comprehensive health care reform is for working families.
Please take a few minutes today or tomorrow to call your members of Congress toll-free (877) 264-4226, and you can also reach Sen. Feinstein by using 'Click to Call'. If those lines are busy, you can always call their California offices. When you call, make sure you mention our three health care priorities:

  • A high-quality public insurance option
  • No taxes on health care benefits for low- and middle-income families
  • A 'pay or play' system to ensure employers pay their fair share

Sen. Feinstein's California offices:
San Francisco- (415) 393-0707
Los Angeles- (310) 914-7300
San Diego- (619) 231-9712
Fresno- (559) 485-7430
or Click to Call

Rep. Costa's California offices:
Fresno- (559) 495-1620
Bakersfield- (661) 869-1620

Rep. Cardoza's California offices:
Merced- (209) 383-4455 
Modesto- (209) 527-1914 
Stockton- (209) 946-0361Union voice