Class Struggle Unionism-Book and Event, March 2, 4:00-5:30pm


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    Dear AFT Guild Members,

    What are the central features of labor activism that can revive the militancy and union power we urgently need today?

    Consider adding Joe Burns’s book, Class Struggle Unionism, to your reading list.  HaymarketBooks will also host an event with Joe Burns and Barbara Madeloni on Wednesday March 2 from 4-5:30pm, discussing a variety of important questions for our all of us in labor organizing to ask ourselves including:

    “How should workers relate to the union establishment which often does not want to fight? How much should the labor movement prioritize broader class demands versus shop floor struggle? How can we revive militancy and union power in the face of corporate power and a legal system set up against us?”*

    With many years of labor activism and a critical analysis of labor tradition, Joe Burns offers a compelling outline to reshape our labor movements towards our common and broader class struggles.

    We hope you consider adding Class Struggle Unionism to your reading list and participating in this event.  Registering for the event will also provide you with a link of the recorded event for those of you with a scheduling conflict.

    In Solidarity,
    Jim Mahler, President
    AFT Guild, Local 1931
    Class Struggle Unionism: How Workers Can Unite the Class War, HaymarketBooks Event

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