AFT Giuild

What the Governor's May Revise really means to us 


Several of you have inquired regarding the implications of the Governor's May revise on our pocketbook.  Although his message certainly contains some very positive news for community colleges, we need to keep in mind that the May revise is simply a revision of the Governor's January budget proposal.  It's nothing more than that, a proposal to the legislature.

Now the ball is in the legislature's court to pass budget bills and other legislation to concretely define these economic proposals.  Once passed by the legislature, the bills go back to the Governor, where he can either sign or veto the bills.  Based on whatever political wrangling is occurring in Sacramento at the time, the budget could be finalized any time from July-September.

Once signed into law, the State Chancellor's office will determine exactly what level of funding our District will receive.  Then our District will allocate resources as per our resource allocation model and we will then know how many dollars are available to each bargaining unit.

It will then be up to each individual bargaining unit how to expend those resources.  You will all vote your approval or disapproval of the allocation package.  Once approved by the bargaining unit and the Board of Trustees, the money is dispersed.  I would expect this to be sometime in the early fall semester.

Although the Governor's message certainly did contain encouraging proposals as far as community colleges are concerned, especially with respect to COLA and Equalization funds, anything can happen during the legislative process so I would advise everyone to hold off on that new car purchase until you receive the detail of our allocation process in the fall.

Another economic issue to keep in mind is that the District is still gathering data for the comparable salary study for faculty and staff.  Depending on how that study turns out, faculty and staff may be eligible to receive additional resources sometime during the next fiscal year.

In case you are dying for more detail regarding the May revise, below is a summary of what was not included in the Governor's May revise, in spite of being recommended by the Board of Governors for the Community College system:

None of the above items were addressed in the Governor's May Revise.  We will continue to lobby the legislature to ensure these proposals, in addition to the Governor's proposals that are favorable to us, get passed and signed into law in an expedient manner.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.