Brian Jennings

Grossmont College
Political Science
AFT Vice President, Political Action




BA (Summa 1997) and MA (2000) in Political Science from SDSU specializing in comparative politics (income inequality and workers' rights) and American government. Taught at Grossmont, Cuyamaca, SDSU, and Central Texas College (on local Navy bases- a great experience).  Hired full-time at Grossmont Fall 2005, tenured 2009.  I teach American Government, Comparative Politics, Intro to Political Science and California Politics.  My favorite thing about teaching is watching the lights come on for students when they grasp concepts.  My favorite comment from a student was "now I know why they make us take this class."  Heroes: My wife Nancy (20 year full-time communications professor at Cuyamaca) who is the finest person I know and who has made me and my life better than I could have ever imagined. Â  Justice William Brennan (our first son is named Brennan) because of his efforts to protect civil liberties like freedom of speech, his stance against capital punishment, and his efforts to improve the living standards of the poor. Â  We have two sons, Brennan (11) and Kenny (9) who bring me joy and pride every time I see or think about them. Â  I am an avid cyclist (5,000 miles a year, 2 self-contained coast-to-coast bicycle tours, one with Nancy on a tandem) and an amateur astronomer.  I enjoy sailing (lived aboard for 2 years while island hopping from Florida to Venezuela), camping (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is my favorite destination), hiking (our honeymoon was backpacking for a week at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in August and Brennan and Kenny made their first hike to the bottom this summer) and traveling (Mongolia to film the 2008 total solar eclipse for the San Francisco Exploratorium was one of my most memorable trips). Life is good!